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How To Survive Airplane Ride With Baby

By Alix Lobaugh / September 11, 2019

How To Fly With A Four Month Old After some online researching, I found that it was better safe than sorry to have your baby’s documentation/identification i.e. birth certificate.  No one ever asked to see it, but I felt safe having the proper documentation with me just in case! #1 Recommendation Before our travels, I…

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Choosing Cloth Diapers

By Alix Lobaugh / August 29, 2019

While we were pregnant, my husband proposed the idea of cloth diapers.  My initial thought was how cumbersome the diaper cleaning would be.  Then I started searching online for cloth diapers.  They were beyond cute and I was hooked.   Less Garbage After hours of online browsing, I chose a few different brands that I…

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Baby Ddrops

Do you supplement with Vitamin D?

By Alix Lobaugh / August 27, 2019

Our breastfeeding journey has been pretty blessed: I have a baby that eats well and loves to do so, and my body has been great at producing what she needs.  I don’t take this for granted, I know that many women and babes struggle with exclusive breastfeeding for several reasons.  Since breastmilk is straight-up magic,…

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