Meet Alix

Hey there mommas!  

I became a momma this spring to our beautiful daughter, Clara Patricia Grace.  I have loved every moment of being her momma.  I am blessed and slightly obsessed with motherhood.  The tribe of motherhood is magic – where mommas just “get” other mommas, unsolicited support and advice flourish, and a warm community grows.  

Before Clara, I respected mothers.  I loved the bond that I was able to witness between mother and child in my role as a neonatal RN.  But when my little love bug was in my arms, man oh man I was in AWE of mothers.  I was in awe of myself.  I had just birthed this beautiful teeny human. Every day since, my momma heart grows and I adore my new mom gig.

In my experience, new mommas spend a lot of time on the internet.  We scroll on our phones, we look up minute things about our baby, Google the unknown about parenthood, and desperately search for the best binky or if our babe’s poop should be that color.

Between running my own online boutique and spending time on the internet for things mentioned above, I was always on my phone!  I thought, why not create a space where I can help other mommas and combine my love for style and fashion?  Enter: The Confident Momma.

So I have created a space for me to share my journey as a new momma and to celebrate confidence that has developed from my experiences and online community.  I hope that by being here, you can also own and celebrate confidence and connect through my stories.  If you have any questions, ask! 

Be confident, mommas 

XOXO Alix 

Alix Lobaugh