Binky Appreciation

We’re almost six months in and Clara is just now appreciating the binky.  Before, she would chew on it or tongue it around, spit it out and even hold it and talk at it.Now she loves her WubbaNub.  LOVES IT!  Daddy says that when I’m away, this is the equivalent of the boobie.  Hello, naptime.  The lamb adds the perfect amount of weight to the binky so she doesn’t readily spit it out.  And she likes to grab the lamb’s arms and legs and fling her around when she’s feeling sassy.  During playtime, Clara enjoys chewing on the feet.  Basically a win-win nowadays.  It just took um, six months!

I’m kind of wondering if I should get another one for the moments that I have lambie in the wash…  the product description says under six months of age/infants without teeth…?  Mommas, what are your thoughts?  I’m thinking these ones are pretty stinking cute:


The unicorn is sweet, I love the purple horn and the pink mane!



But then the hippo is fun and you don’t really see too many hippos in baby toys, right?

Then there’s the pink piggy!  I mean, she’s really cute, and I think Clara would have fun chewing on her little feetsies.



Which one is your fave??  Are you a wubbanub fan?  We use them at my NICU job so of course I had to have one when my own babe was born!

Alix Lobaugh

Alix Lobaugh

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