How to Have Mermaid Hair

Make Mermaid Hair Spray

Mermaid Hair Spray Ingredients:

4 oz amber glass spray bottle

witch hazel

essential oils: rosemary, geranium, cedarwood, frankincense, lavender

The oil drops are up to you – sometimes I use 10 drops of each, maybe 20 drops of cedarwood and 15 of others, it really just depends on the day I make it.  Drop your oils in and then fill the rest of the bottle with witch hazel!

Love your hair

If you love your hair and want to get rid of the tangles and have super soft gorgeous hair MAKE this spray mommas!  Can also be used on the littles 🙂

I do not go a day without this spray!  After wash day it’s a detangler – it’s serious magic and gets rid of ALL the tangles.  On days I don’t wash, I also like to use it to give my hair a nice spritz and scent.  I’m so used to the spray now but I get a lot of compliments on the scent!

During this postpartum phase that I’m in I also rub cedarwood and rosemary oils into my scalp overnight before washing.  I know postpartum hair loss is all hormonal but I feel like the extra scalp massage can help the teenyest bit.


Alix Lobaugh

Alix Lobaugh

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