We Are Amazing

This week I had a huge breakthrough.  For the last few years, I’ve thought I had positive self-esteem and had a handle on my self-worth.  I am successful.  Loved.  Enough.

Enter new mom-hood.  Suddenly all my efforts feel like they NEED be validated.  There are evenings I feel that I’m drowning.  I’m not getting noticed.  No praises.  Nada.  

The absence of constant validation and praise is discouraging.  Do I know what I’m doing as a new parent?  Can I actually tell people I love being a mom and that I’m good at it?  I decide that self-proclamation of successful parenting so far is too much.  It seems too much, too overdone, and I can’t actually say that.  But… I know without a doubt I am a good mom.  

Embrace Reality

Don’t be triggered.  I think today’s society (especially on social media) has trained us to be overly humble, modest, filtered, censored to fit that perfect caption/post/story.  According to what we intake through social media, owning how AMAZING we are is taboo.  We come off as conceited or snooty but seriously, mommas, you are AMAZING.  You are caring for a tiny human and rocking it!  Since you hands down know you’re a good mom – tell everyone who will listen because they will see it once you start talking about how much you LOVE mom-hood.  Successful parenting speaks volumes.  Children are a reflection of said parenting.  


This goes for all woman-hood.  You’re amazing.  Embrace it.  Practice those affirmations, daily.    Be comfortable with how amazing you are.  After you own how amazing you are, share it with others.  If your friends, your loved ones aren’t celebrating your strengths alongside you that’s on THEM.  Fact is if you affirm yourself, you celebrate your self-worth, you’re happier, you have greater self-esteem, accomplish and explore more, and just live life more. Do not depend on others to LIFT you up all day every day.  You are a powerhouse – tell yourself that until you believe it.  Then believe it 100%.  XOXO 

Alix Lobaugh

Alix Lobaugh

New momma discovering and celebrating her confidence. Girl mom that loves all things pink and enjoys cute clothes, feeling pretty, and living in the PNW!

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