Mom Jeans

Well, these are my new favorite jeans.

Here are 7 reasons why I love them:

  1. They stretch and hug me
  2. Magic elastic waistband and smoothing front panel
  3. No readjusting during the day, at all! These babies stay PUT!
  4. They’re soft and comfy
  5. Comfy fit
  6. Super comfortable
  7. Did I mention they’re comfortable? Because they are delicious.

Comfort has always been KEY but after having c-section, comfort is ESSENTIAL.  My new favorite jeans don’t bother my incision at all and my mom muffin top is smoothed out and looks cute in LuLaRoe denim.

Some more great info on the jeans here:


Coming to my shop SOON!

Alix Lobaugh

Alix Lobaugh

New momma discovering and celebrating her confidence. Girl mom that loves all things pink and enjoys cute clothes, feeling pretty, and living in the PNW!

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