How To Survive Airplane Ride With Baby

How To Fly With A Four Month Old

After some online researching, I found that it was better safe than sorry to have your baby’s documentation/identification i.e. birth certificate.  No one ever asked to see it, but I felt safe having the proper documentation with me just in case!

#1 Recommendation

Before our travels, I turned to my online group community for advice during the airplane ride.  Number one recommendation was for baby to nurse or bottle feed or suck on pacifier during take off and landing.  The sucking would help babe with the pressure changes…  My luck had it, and our babe actually didn’t nurse or really suck on her pacifier all that much during elevation changes but she did have a full belly and was enjoying the one-on-one playtime with Mommy.

Bring All the Things

Okay, so be realistic.  I was reading about how a mom brought her boppy with her and I’m like “Oh! That’s a great idea I should do that.” Fast forward to reality – my baby is so large and both of my seat neighbors were large that dang boppy would have caused us all problems.  I think for a large 4 month old it was a good idea I said a last minute NO to the boppy 😉

We did bring blankets, burp rags, clorox wipes, binky, soft books, Sophie, diapers, wipes, and hand sanitizer for mom sanity and baby entertainment.  We also brought an extra pair of clothes for mom (I hardly ever pack for me) and baby which was a great idea since she spit up on me real good!

I think I felt most happy about bringing those travel clorox wipes to literally wipe everything down.  I wouldn’t let my husband sit down until we had our entire row and tables wiped.  Yep, I’m that mom!

Be Organized

Conquering all the lines of the airport and TSA was one of my biggest anxieties about traveling with Clara…  So to help navigate through all the people with quick access to my ID, boarding pass, phone, hand sanitizer, gum, hair ties, wallet, and snacks, I had my fanny pack (like this one) in addition to my back pack.

Get There EARLY

Have time to spare at the airport – in case there is that HUGE poop blow out, or you need to nurse, or you get lost, or there is a snafu in security line.  Give yourself time and grace!  Traveling with a baby is a whole different vibe. Set yourself up for success!

Be Flexible and RELAX

This is way easier said than done – our flights ended up being AWESOME and all my worry was for nothing. What are you tips and tricks to flying safely and sanely with a babe?



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