Choosing Cloth Diapers

While we were pregnant, my husband proposed the idea of cloth diapers.  My initial thought was how cumbersome the diaper cleaning would be.  Then I started searching online for cloth diapers.  They were beyond cute and I was hooked.  

Less Garbage

After hours of online browsing, I chose a few different brands that I thought would be appropriate as baby grew: Bum Genuis newborn diapers, Mama Koala, and Alva Baby.  Cloth diapers are an investment but the pay off is huge!  Less landfill waste and I don’t have to worry about emptying the garbage again and again. Since we cloth diaper, we don’t ever run out of diapers = WIN!

The Brand Breakdown

The Bum Genius I chose were “all-in-ones” which are just like disposable diapers and you just throw them in the wash as is.  I liked these to minimize the effort of mastering cloth diapering with a brand new human.  We actually didn’t use them the first week or so because they were too large for our 6lb 2.7oz love bug. 

Once she grew out of the Bum Genius ones, we choose “pocket diapers.” The Mama Koala and Alva Baby are both “pocket diapers” which means they have a pocket and an insert.  Both the diaper and the insert (removed) have to be washed.  The Alva Baby have a little more room for growth, which you can see on all the snap options.  Right now we are only using the Alva Baby brand because little miss has very chunky legs that don’t comfortably fit in the Mama Koala.  I’m hoping once she’s more mobile and working those leg muscles she’ll fit in the Mama Koala again.

Very happy we cloth diaper!

Now that we’ve been cloth diapering 98% of the time for the last four months, I can say that cleaning and washing diapers is such a little piece of my daily housekeeping routine.  Honestly, the additional load of laundry isn’t a deal breaker for us and at least the diapers don’t have to be folded 😉 

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