Do you supplement with Vitamin D?

Our breastfeeding journey has been pretty blessed: I have a baby that eats well and loves to do so, and my body has been great at producing what she needs.  I don’t take this for granted, I know that many women and babes struggle with exclusive breastfeeding for several reasons.  Since breastmilk is straight-up magic, we just give Clara one thing for strong bone development and growth: vitamin D! 

Since we are exclusively breastfeeding, our pediatrician recommended that we supplement with vitamin D.  My fabulous mommas in my Facebook community suggested Vitamin D drops!  They are so easy to use and Clara doesn’t even notice them.  I sneak them in while she’s at the breast before her bedtime feed.  This works great since she’s very interested in eating no matter what 😉  I know some mommas put a drop on a pacifier for babe to take, and that works just as well!  As long as baby is getting that vitamin D in, way to go mommas! 

Giving this supplement is a piece of cake!  I’m so grateful my fellow mamas told me about these! 


Alix Lobaugh

Alix Lobaugh

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