Everyone has a reason for doing something.  Their WHY.  Corny?  Can be.  But when it fuels your day to day functioning it can be powerful and inspiring!  


Photography by Wind + Bird

My WHY for this blog, this community, for LuLaRoe is to help women and mommas find their confidence.  Women are often taking care of others before themselves, sacrificing for successes of their families, and putting their own hopes and dreams on hold.  My WHY is to create something for my daughter to be proud of.  To create financial freedom for our family.  To be there for my little love bug no matter what.  I believe that God designed me to be a momma – I have never felt so strongly about anything else in my entire life.  My WHY?  Is her.  I want to do everything that I can so that she can live a fulfilling, successful life whatever that may be.  I want to be present for her.  She is my WHY and my drive build this community of beautiful, confident mommas.  


What is your WHY?  I would love to know, leave yours in the comments!

Alix Lobaugh

Alix Lobaugh

New momma discovering and celebrating her confidence. Girl mom that loves all things pink and enjoys cute clothes, feeling pretty, and living in the PNW!