How To Feel Put Together after Cesarean Delivery

In the first few days after delivery, let’s be honest, I waddled around in those oh-so-cute but seriously comfy hospital undies (I took home extras!!) stuffed with a pad the size of a small loaf of sourdough bread, a nursing bra, and maybe a t-shirt.  New momma days are GLAM 😉 

For our first outing to the pediatrician office, I wore a maxi skirt and it was the comfiest thing ever.  The yoga waistband was perfection on my fresh postpartum belly, no tension on my incision, and my swollen legs were free with the full skirt!  I think I wore the same outfit to Clara’s two week appointment because #momlife.  

The next few weeks I rotated all my maxi skirts through the weekly outfits and was tempted to pull a couple from my shop’s inventory…  I was grateful for a spring baby so I could rock all the maxi skirts and flip flops!  Best postpartum outfit for comfort, style, and confidence!  

While we were waiting for the pediatrician to walk in, my hubby told me I looked great for just having a baby.  Hello best hubby award and thank you LuLaRoe for helping this momma look her best after having her first babe!   

Alix Lobaugh

Alix Lobaugh

New momma discovering and celebrating her confidence. Girl mom that loves all things pink and enjoys cute clothes, feeling pretty, and living in the PNW!

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