Bra Try-ons: Bring a Friend

You know those new mom things that happen that NO ONE talks about?  Mommas, put on those blue-blocking glasses and read on!  

We went to the mall for a family lunch date and I thought it would be appropriate for me to swing by Motherhood Maternity for some new bras.  Mine were killing me (um, hello, did you know your boobs grow A TON when that magic milk comes in?!) and I wanted to find something more comfortable. 

After getting a couple different sizes and styles to try-on, I entered the fitting room while hubs pushed Clara through the store.  First bra was great.  Second was also great but maybe I needed a different size?  On to the third… 

Oh my goodness WHAT IS HAPPENING?!  As I took the second bra off to try on the third, I looked in the mirror and saw that magical milk making beautiful droplets ALL OVER ME AND THE FLOOR!  This was before I recognized what a let-down felt like, and I could not believe I was actively lactating in the store.  

I was horrified.  And laughing.  And I thought “Welp, I need to try the third on, so might as well hold my little breast pads on and go for it!”  I realized I needed another set of hands. 

I called my hubs and told him to bring the stroller in the fitting room too.  There we were, all three of us in the fitting room and I could only imagine what the store employees thought.  I told my hubby that I needed him to hold the breast pads in place so I wouldn’t milk everything in sight.  He was confused and amused but did as was told.  And maybe then he realized that his life was truly changed forever?! 

New mommas, I hope that when your milk comes in (and it will!!!) you remember this post and bring a friend (or tape) to get yourself some properly fitted nursing bras. 

Alix Lobaugh

Alix Lobaugh

New momma discovering and celebrating her confidence. Girl mom that loves all things pink and enjoys cute clothes, feeling pretty, and living in the PNW!

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